Tristar doing their bit

Tri-Star is a real estate company that engages in a program with the aim of improving its customer’s lives and futures. was formed to acquire blighted workforce housing apartment communities which feed public schools that are in the bottom third ranking in their respective state.

TriStar will renovate and repair these Targeted Communities, and will operate them in a manner that achieves sufficient profitability delivering on the Fund’s goal of improving and increasing the stability of the surrounding community. TriStar will partner with the community to provide on-site programs to help economically disadvantaged residents combat inadequate education; navigate Healthcare roadblocks and create renewable garden communities where possible.

Tri-Star has a comprehensive program to help the communities it is involved in. The following are the outcomes it expects to have:
- Raise $10 Million to purchase Target Communities comprising 1,000 workforce housing units, feeding failing elementary schools
- Operate and Sustain monthly rental rents at the affordability level for individuals and families living near the poverty line;
- On-site Community Programs including After-School, Wellness and Gardening, based on community demand;
- Partner with Local Elementary Schools that are in the bottom third rank on their respective states

Having had multiple success stories like Willow-Branch where they have been able to establish an after school program, they have over 60 students enrolled. The ultimate goal of the Impact fund is to increase vitality so that the households can prosper in the long term. Tri-Star believes that these efforts can trickle back to their own profits as they can upgrade to better neighborhoods.

The idea of creating impact in society is one that has a long term outlook rather than an emergency betterment. It’s not equivalent to air drops in a flood ridden city, it’s the idea of providing the base for a community to develop and be able to sustain themselves. Self sustenance is the bedrock for any Impact Fund as it allows growth and development.

Sources: Tri-Star

Written by: Varun Subramanian