Community Involvement at GIMG

Goizueta Investment Management Group (GIMG) is an undergraduate group at the Goizueta Business School founded in 2011. This team encompasses two parts – it manages a portion of Emory’s endowment in a long-only stocks portfolio while also pursuing its strong passion to serve the community with Financial Literacy workshops.

The Community Involvement division serves as the foundation of GIMG. The aim of this program is to bring financial literacy to the underserved children of the Atlanta area. The team forges towards this aim through its ties with North Druid Hills High School, Maynard Jackson High School and Kings Middle School. An average semester holds a total of about 35 sessions with these schools, which allows GIMG members to engage and aid High school students in their financial understanding.


The highlight of this organization’s Community Involvement venture is it’s self-developed financial literacy curriculum. The team has formulated a booklet with 9 basic finance topics on personal financing skills along with interactive activities and questions to engage the students. These basics cover materials ranging from the rudimentary distinction between Wants & Needs to an intricate practical understanding of Credit scores, Banking and Personal Investing. This curriculum aids students to engage and identify their daily financing habits and comprehend how to further optimize their finances.

“One of the best things about these sessions is being able to work with passionate members at GIMG while also being able to provide this fundamental skill of financial literacy to High school students. It is also great to know that High school teachers appreciate the curriculum,” says VP of Community Involvement, Michelle Chan.

GIMG’s team consists of individuals from various backgrounds with a common interest in finance and belief that financial understanding is a crucial skill that should be accessible to every individual. The team members are concerned about what is going on in the market but also care to see how it is translated into our community.

“The Community Involvement sessions serve as a real eye-opener to the privileges that we take for granted. Being able to provide such literacy to those who cannot attain it easily is definitely a fulfilling experience. What makes this experience even more fun is that students are highly interactive and always willing to ask and answer questions,” added Associate of Film & Media, Michelle Suh.

This semester, GIMG has completed more than 103 hours of financial literacy sessions with more sessions to go till the end of this semester. Having completed sessions with about 195 High school students, the team is looking to expand its project to more schools as well as call upon other Goizueta groups for involvement. The Community Involvement division is also working on developing it’s curriculum further to include pre- professional development such as resume reviews or interview preparations, as well as releasing a Community Involvement video to elaborate on their ventures.

Overall, social responsibility is a critical cause that is becoming significant to many organizations on campus. The Community Involvement division at GIMG vividly illustrates the actions taken towards this cause and has created a platform for Business focused individuals to use their skills to benefit the society around them.

Written by: Sumera Dang