EO Atlanta: A Global Network of Your Entrepreneurial Peers

Starting a business is both exciting and scary. Do not let that fear hold you back, and go pursue your dreams! EO Atlanta has one of the best accelerator programs for starting entrepreneurs in Atlanta. This Accelerator program enables first-stage entrepreneurs to bring their business projects to the next level. It provides members with the tools and skills to make them better entrepreneurs and leaders. Besides educational content emphasized on the main areas of first-stage businesses, the Accelerator program gives its members the amazing opportunity to connect with and learn from plenty of Atlanta’s and the world’s more influential entrepreneurs. Their mission is to grow the member’s businesses to more than US$1 million in sales.

The Accelerator Program structure is: Connection to Experts, Peer-to-Peer Learning, and Accountability Group. Being able to connect to experts who have businesses with at least $1 million in annual revenue assures the success of the program and its members. Members can also connect with other first-stage entrepreneurs to share personal experiences and learn from one another. Since the program only accepts the best 30 applicants of each location, networking with them is an invaluable experience for starters. Last but not least, members are grouped into “Accountability Groups” to ensure that everyone is learning and interacting with other peers.

The strategy of the Accelerator Program for all the new challenges its members face every day, is to provide them with contacts of real experts to help them solve specific problems they are facing. Tips on how to get started outsourcing are also provided in the program. Regarding people, the basics of the book “StreetSmart Hiring: A Solution to Every Manager’s #1 Problem” will be discussed in order to help starters avoid expenses of bad hiring processes. Also, a guide on “Employment Agreement” is given by Andrew Sherman, an internationally known and published author on employment law. Regarding money, Robert Kulhawy, CEO of Commerx Corporation will tell first-stage entrepreneurs how to improve their cashflows. For sales, advices on taking stock of businesses, analyzing competition, and leveraging competitive advantage are given by Juan Cintron, Chairman and CEO of Grupo Industrial Cintron. Lastly, there will be sessions about developing an integrated marketing strategy by Troy Hazard, a veteran Australian entrepreneur.

There are two upcoming events in Atlanta soon, so if you are interested, check out:
“Your Presentation is a Joke” - March 23, 2016 - 4:30 pm - 6:30 pm
Accelerator “Cash” Day - April 29, 2016 - 8:00 am - 4:00 pm