Chuice: a new food concept

Have you ever considered if it was possible to consume the nutrients of 35 fruits, vegetables, herbs, nuts, and seeds all under a minute? Well, with Chuice, you can!

Chuice is a Georgia-based company whose product provides a blend of 35 fruits, vegetables, herbs, nuts, and seeds all inside a 12-ounce bottle. Like many healthy-eating companies today, Chuice strives to help the average American attain the recommended number of vitamins, minerals, and macronutrients. These companies offer alternatives to wasting time cutting and preparing fruit since their products offer a blend of your daily nutritional needs. Chuice, however, differentiates itself from companies like Naked and Odwalla in a number of ways. One way Chuice is unique is their method of creating shelf-stable products.

Companies like Naked use a technique known as Heat Pasteurization which uses heat to kill spoilage bacteria and thus extends shelf life. However, Harvard-trained Physician and CEO of Chuice, Sujit Sharma, noticed that such a process also killed a lot of the nutrients in the juice. Furthermore, the heating process affected the taste. As a result, juice companies using Heat Pasteurization must modify their products with chemical flavoring and tampering. In Naked’s situation, their fruits are grown with artificial enhancers and additional synthetic vitamins, allowing them to claim that their product is still 100% fruit. Chuice, on the other hand, uses HPP, High Pressure Processing.

“Essentially, to make our juice shelf-stable, we place our product in a hydraulic chamber and apply 87000 pounds-per-square-inch of pressure. We’ve had tremendous success with this cold pressure technique because it does not alter the flavor of the juice,” Dr. Sharma says. “This means that our product does not require any added sugar.” But this technique is also being used by Suja and Evolution Fresh, competitor juice brands, so what is Chuice’s primary innovation? To be blunt, Chuice is not your average juice. It may also be consumed as food. Yes, it is chewable.

Dr. Sharma says that the goal of Chuice is not simply to provide dietary supplements, tasty smoothies, or refreshments after salty meals; rather, it can be the meal itself. It contains nearly all the components of a balanced diet. At the heart of Chuice’s innovation is the underrated macronutrient, fiber. Though no other juice company sells products containing high levels of fiber, Chuice’s juices contain 9 grams of fiber for every 12-ounce bottle. Though it is common knowledge that fiber is good for you, its impact in our daily lives is surprisingly significant. “Fiber is a bigger deal than people realize,” Dr. Sharma says. “On an immediate level, fiber slows down the release of sugar into the bloodstream, creating a much steadier release. So when you go have a juice like Tropicana, you aren’t consuming any fiber. Then all the carbs will go into your blood stream, convert to sugar, and enter your cells without regulation. So your blood sugar spikes. Your insulin also spikes. And in an hour you crash. So, by putting fiber into a product like this, you are giving your body a much more controlled distribution of sugar into the bloodstream.”

Consumers of Chuice have validated these claims, saying that they have entered long meetings having eaten nothing for lunch but a bottle of Chuice. However, they remained alert throughout the entire meeting and did not crash afterwards. Furthermore, because Chuice may substitute a meal, customers did not feel hungry for extended periods of time, as if they had consumed a full breakfast, lunch, or dinner. “It’s not rocket science,” Dr. Sharma adds. “Instead of having a bag of chips, a diet coke, or a monster, our customers give their bodies balanced combinations of good nutrition that actually works.”

In their most recent project, Chuice is working on a smaller 8-ounce bottle which may be marketed to college students. Given that today’s scholars and student athletes neither have the time or willpower to seek out healthy eating alternatives, Dr. Sharma is excited at the prospect of potentially serving Chuice to schools like Emory University and Georgia Institute of Technology.

“Something like this won’t happen right away,” Dr. Sharma notes. “But we’re definitely interested in expanding to Georgia Tech and Emory students…Before we were just a small part time company, but now we’re ready to explode.”